Glossier: Wowder Review

It’s not powder, it’s Wowder.

Last week, Glossier dropped its brand new loose powder after much speculation on whether or not Wowder would be a Glossier product. I was a little hesitant to order this new launch, as I’ve never been a huge fan of powders and I love a good dewy (aka classic Glossier) look for my daily makeup and skincare. Nevertheless, Glossier claimed Wowder to be “unlike any powder you’ve met before,” and my expectations were very much exceeded.

I purchased the Wowder Duo which retails for $35 (US) and included the powder and a brush with a super cute little pouch. You can purchase each of these individually as well, the Wowder being $22 and the brush being $20. By purchasing the duo, you save $7 which I have to applaud Glossier for. They do everything in their power to make their products friendly to everyone’s wallets, like a few months ago when they reduced the price of the Phase One Set from $80 to $45! While I didn’t necessarily need the Wowder brush, the price of the set altogether was light enough that I had to go for it. Plus, there’s a little Glossier G on the bottom of the brush which is just adorable.


The packaging for Wowder is brilliant. My previous issue with powder was that I would always end up applying way too much and making a mess everywhere. Wowder’s trampoline mesh applicator prevents you from ever making those mistakes. You simply press the brush against the trampoline to release as much powder as you need, swirl the brush around the tub, and voila! You’re ready to apply Wowder, and you haven’t wasted any product. The lid of the Wowder has a piece on the inside that holds itself against the trampoline mesh to further prevent any loss of product. Snaps to Glossier’s packaging team, they couldn’t have done this better if they tried.

I wear the shade Medium in Glossier’s Stretch Concealer and Perfecting Skin Tint, so I went with Light/Medium for my Wowder. Wowder comes in 3 adaptable shades: Light/Medium, Dark/Deep, and Rich. While some people take issue with so few shades, Glossier’s shade ranges tend to be so adaptable that even a shade slightly too light or too dark will still work for you, especially when it comes to their Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. Light/Medium Wowder seemed perfect for me as someone with somewhat-tan Asian skin, but I can understand why I’ve heard a couple of girls complain that they are too pale for Light/Medium Wowder.

I applied Wowder last to set my makeup and “undo the dew.” In my before image, all I have on my skin aside from my usual makeup is Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint and Haloscope (normally should be applied after Wowder) which are known to give you a dewy finish, so this really put Wowder to the test. It’s totally weightless; I almost couldn’t even tell I was wearing it at first. It leaves your skin still looking like skin (you can thank the diamond powder for that!) and it doesn’t cake up like other powders. As I mentioned before, I’m a sucker for dewy skin and I was afraid the matte look would make my skin appear chalky and flat. Wowder still left my skin looking fresh and glowing, and still matte, and I loved having complete control over how much dewiness I wanted. It’s the perfect in between for my taste.

Wowder is a winner in my books, and I can’t wait to use this stuff religiously as we’re coming into the fall and the dewy skin trend begins to hibernate for the winter.

Don’t forget, I am a rep for Glossier, meaning if you shop with me, you can get 20% off your first order, plus free shipping if you order 2 or more things. Purchasing the Wowder Duo through my link will knock off an additional $7 bringing the $35 price down to $28. While I am a rep for the brand, all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend a product unless I absolutely loved it!

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